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    Morgunverðarfundur um sérlausnir í CRM

  • SAGlobal Announces An Accelerated Product Roadmap for the LexisOne Practice Management Solution

    SAGlobal Announces An Accelerated Product Roadmap
    for the LexisOne Practice Management Solution

SAGlobal unveils .Net BPM for AX at Convergence EMEA

Copenhagen, October 22, 2007

SAGlobal (SAG) will launch the .Net BPM for AX workflow connector at Convergence EMEA in Copenhagen. Using the Skelta -BPM.NET 2007 together with .NET BPM for AX from SAG, companies will be able to fully support business process-based modelling and workflow within and around Microsoft Dynamics™ AX.

The product allows applications to be set up to automate and manage business processes — such as document approval, inventory tracking, credit management and much more —pulling together business processes, people, services, information and systems and integrating them with Microsoft Dynamics AX at a click of a button.  

Because .Net BPM for AX can be configured using a simple ‘drag and drop’ console it is possible to create powerful workflows without any programming; exponentially reducing time and costs vs traditional ‘development’ based solutions.

“This software puts tools in the hands of business people — the people who actually use Microsoft Dynamics AX software — to build workflows from and around information that already exists in Dynamics AX.” says SAGlobal CEO, Stephen James. “Unlike other competing products BPM for AX is not limited to the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment and allows our customers to build true end to end enterprise solutions using the full Microsoft suite of tools like InfoPath, BizTalk Server, and SharePoint”.

SAG plans to market the product via the Microsoft Partner community globally and support it via the global network of SAG offices world-wide.

About SAGlobal
SAGlobal provides global solutions and services for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX customers. Established since 1990 with implementation experience in over 50 countries worldwide, our reach extends across the globe via our offices in 5 continents. Our Centers of Excellence in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America provide consistent roll out and support wherever you are located.

For more information please visit our website at www.saglobal.com

About Skelta
Skelta Software is an innovative software product company specializing in enterprise-wide Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow solutions for small to large-sized businesses worldwide. Its flagship product, Skelta BPM.NET 2007 is a BPM workflow software that is built on cutting-edge Microsoft .NET, XML, and Web services technologies. It is also the world's first embeddable workflow engine.

For more information on Skelta and its products, visit www.skelta.com.

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